Exceptional food supplements

The Forat s.r.o. company is introducing exceptional nutrition supplements on the basis of extracts from healing plants as an alternative to classical treatment.

We put stress above all on prevention which is not only a fashionable phrase, but also the fact that can make our future more pleasant with highest probability, not only concerning health but also economy.

The greatest contribution to improving health is regular cleansing of your organism through detoxification since organism renews quickly its self-healing abilities after removing toxins from the body.

The following harmonization of vital functions, higher physical and psychical performance linked to the feeling of comfort and content, were clear targets of our trying by developing new preparations like Chance – Optimal, Chance – Active and Chance – Night. These products contain except pure herbal extracts in pods also oil capsules to make the absorption of individual effective stuff as big as possible.

Our target is to promote actively and offer customers products in the area of healthcare and products on the basis of natural extracts, and exactly in the highest possible quality available. Our customers are not only people trying to have a healthy lifestyle, but recently a big group of customers have been formed by people who are looking for a suitable functional alternative of classical medicine as a result of health problems.